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Care for women, workplace training

Author:Jin Xiaoping


In the modern workplace, women’s social pressure comes from all aspects, and they encounter various problems in their work and life.

Professional women not only have to balance work and family, but also face more than 80% of middle and high-level male managers. How to get along with the opposite sex at work and how women protect themselves have become common topics faced by women in the workplace.

In response to the confusion of women in the workplace, fe-movac organized a training and exchange meeting on caring for women in the workplace. They exchanged ideas and discussed how to properly handle the relationship between colleagues in the workplace and how to maintain a good relationship with the opposite sex. The training strengthened women’s self-confidence. And legal awareness, through communication to relieve the inner confusion of women, to encourage female employees to care for themselves, through continuous learning, strive to improve their own quality, and make themselves strong in all aspects to be able to courageously face various pressures in order to be able to work Easily handle various problems.

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