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Shanghai FE-MOVAC Precision Machine LTD

Established in 2002, Shanghai FE-MOVAC Precision Machine LTD is a domestic leading enterprise in the field of high-pressure NC cleaning center with CE certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environment management system certification. Its titles include Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Enterprise Technology Center of Baoshan District, Little Technology Giant Enterprise (Baoshan District), Patent Pilot Enterprise (Baoshan District), and Top 60 Taxpayer Enterprises of Baoshan Urban Industrial Park. Shanghai FE-MOVAC specializes in high-pressure NC cleaning center and relevant supporting parts, its main products including double-spindle and double-table high-pressure water cleaner, multi-purpose NC cleaner, SCARA robot high-pressure cleaner, 500KG double-spindle NC high-pressure cleaner supporting tool change and intelligent pressure regulation, and orthogonal multi-joint complex CNC cleaner. At present, the Company owns 7 authorized invention patents, 8 pending invention patents, and 52 authorized utility model patents. With an excellent development and management team, it offers clients valuable solutions. Shanghai FE-MOVAC always puts technological innovation first, and prides itself on its i-MOVAC series equipment utilizing world-leading high-pressure cleaning and deburring technology. Widely used in hydraulic pressure, automobile, aerospace, war and healthcare industries as the first choice for industrial cleaning, the MOVAC series equipment has filled the gap of high-pressure cleaning in China. 

At present, our CNC cleaning center and high-pressure cleaning center take a large share in the domestic market, and have been exported to overseas markets including the US, Germany, Japan, South Korea and India.

Shanghai FE-MOVAC Precision Machine LTD was established in 2002 with a registered capital of USD $1.5 million. By November 2013, the construction of its factory buildings was completed, covering an area of 8447.4㎡ (about 12.67 mu), including office areas for R&D, sales, production and warehousing. 

At present, the high-pressure cleaner of i-MOVAC series developed by Shanghai FE-MOVAC has obtained 7 invention patents, 45 utility model patents and 3 PTC patents. The Company was awarded the title of “Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise” in 2013, “National Innovation Demonstration Enterprise (Zhangjiang, Shanghai)” in 2019, and “Little Technology Giant Enterprise (Baoshan District)” in 2020.

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