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fe-movac carried out fire drill

Author:Xu Xiaodong


In order to effectively strengthen the company's fire safety work and improve its safety precautions and self-rescue capabilities, in November Fire Fighting Month, the company's comprehensive department organized a drill for evacuation of fire personnel, rescue of fire scenes, and training of fire scenes.

The fire alarm rang, and the company employees heard the bell rang, and quickly evacuated to the emergency evacuation point in accordance with the instructions of the safe passage. The number of people was counted. Fire propagandist Gu Kexian explained to the employees on the spot and demonstrated the operation essentials of hand-held dry powder fire extinguishers and the detailed essentials of avoiding the downwind of the fire. The employees actively tried the operation, and the blazing fire was instantly extinguished. Through the training, the employees were introduced to escape skills and the use of fire extinguishers.

The entire fire drill is organized in an orderly manner, with compact arrangements, and quick and effective fire fighting actions. The majority of employees have fully learned fire fighting knowledge and practiced fire fighting on the spot, and they have also exercised the ability to quickly deal with emergencies and the spirit of teamwork, in order to prevent enterprises Operational risks provide protection.

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