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"Welcome to National Day, Ode to Joy" FE-MOVAC Group Building Activity

Author:Xu Xiaodong


In order to complete the company's annual sales and shipment targets and encourage employees to sprint in the fourth quarter, on September 26, FE-MOVAC held an enjoyable "Welcome to the National Day, Ode to Joy" employee theme team building activity in the company's office building. Employees from all over the motherland formed a team to make a dumpling competition by hand. From cutting vegetables, mixing stuffing, kneading noodles, rolling the skin, to making dumplings, cooking dumplings...Finally, in the lively atmosphere, plates of white, plump and round dumplings were presented in front of everyone. The fragrant dumpling competition gave out the atmosphere and matched the cooperation. Everyone enjoyed the dumplings together, tasted the "taste of home", and shared the happiness of FE-MOVAC's big family.

The bright moon slowly rises, and the stars are shining outside the window. Under the eyes of all the employees, the chairman of the trade union Zhang Jintao enters the venue with a large cake lit with candles to celebrate the birthdays of the employees in September and October. Everyone made good wishes and wish the great motherland prosperous together! Wish Fenghe Precision's business prosper...

The employees chatted with each other about joy and the future, and a happy smile filled each employee's face.

Happy hours are always unforgettable. The employees will continue to devote themselves to the intense work with full spirit, and jointly create a better future for FE-MOVAC.

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