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Equipment "Patron saint"-the most beautiful retrograde

Author:Song Yuchun


Shanghai FE-MOVAC has such a team, where the equipment is, they will be there, and use superb comprehensive technology to solve various problems of customers. This team is the after-sales service department whose average age is less than thirty-five years old.

They are there when the equipment is shipped, and they are accompanied by the equipment when it is delivered.

When the customer handed over the machine, they were the first to make the customer's equipment move. They taught the customer how to realize the function of the high-pressure water washer and explained the precautions patiently and carefully. When the equipment needs maintenance, they are on standby 24 hours a day and set off for the customer at any time. Solving problems and solving problems, won the praise of customers: "Careful, fast, skilled, smart" This is the best evaluation of customers to them, praise them as the patron saint of equipment.

When the July flood raged in Zhengzhou, Henan, they shouldered FE-MOVAC's precise mission, dripping waist-deep floods, the first to travel, the last to leave work, and their customers to guard the equipment; when the new crown epidemic appeared repeatedly in August At that time, they still appeared at the customer site in Guangzhou and completed the delivery task on time. Their bravery and fearlessness have become the most beautiful retrogrades of high-pressure water washers.

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as customers need, they will immediately embark on a new journey, "going upstream, born to the sun, and we are not willing to be ordinary in the future", it is such an after-sales team that fulfills the promise of responsibility with practical actions.

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