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Fenghe Precision employee Jin Xiujiao won the title of "Top Ten Craftsmen" in the park

Author:Xu Xiaodong


FE-MOVAC participated in the selection of "Top Ten Craftsmen" in Shanghai Baoshan Urban Industrial Park. After more than 100 contestants, Jin Xiujiao, an employee of the technical department, won the honor. This time, the "Top Ten Craftsmen" selection of Baoshan Urban Industrial Park is based on the development of the intelligent industry and industry innovation, and it targets well-known companies that have a significant impact on Shanghai and even in China.

This award shows the technological innovation capability of Fenghe Precision to the park. Through their continuous efforts, employees have overcome difficulties and solved incurable diseases of customers. In the process of helping customers solve problems, they have summarized and created many new technologies. They have successfully applied for 15 invention patents and 27 utility model patents. 3 patents.

Through more than ten years of deep cultivation of high-pressure water washing machine equipment, employees have continuously applied inventions and innovative technological achievements to high-pressure water washing machine products and equipment, achieving a 100% conversion rate of high-tech achievements, and has a leading position in the cleaning field.

FE-MOVAC adheres to innovation and development, promotes the spirit of craftsmanship, and plays a good role model in Baoshan Urban Industrial Park and within the company.

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