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2021 Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show



The 2021 Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show (AMTS) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from July 7 to 10, 2021. As Asia’s largest event for automotive materials & design, process & equipment, quality & assembly, and engineering & service technology industries, AMTS has been presenting all-round system integration solutions in the field of automotive engineering from an international perspective since 2004. In over a decade, the scale, scope and professional audience of AMTS have all grown rapidly, greatly promoting international automotive manufacturing & equipment technology exchange and trade development. 

Led by General Manager Wang Xuejun, the FE-MOVAC team attended the 2021 AMTS, and exhibited its high-performance I-MOVAC MA single-spindle CNC high-pressure cleaner which supports automatic push-pull feeding & blanking and automatic tool change. Featuring external push-pull function for feeding & blanking and fixed-point 50Mpa cleaning, this product has realized full automation and can be used conveniently and reliably without operating personnel. It targets users of the automobile industry, and provides a powerful guarantee for improving product cleanliness and precision deburring in the aspect of power assembly. 

At the 2021 AMTS, FE-MOVAC once again demonstrated its capacity for R&D and innovation. Oriented towards the satisfaction of market needs, it continues to optimize its product structure, better its product quality and improve its service ability, striving to create world-class high-pressure cleaning equipment. 

As the exhibition is a platform for enterprises to display their products, all participating enterprises did their best to bring advanced technologies and new products to the audience. Confucius said, “If three men are walking together, one of them is bound to be good enough to be my teacher.” Through its participation in AMTS, FE-MOVAC communicated with more peers, to study and make progress together. As always, FE-MOVAC will focus on its products, and make itself known to more people through exhibitions and the Internet, to achieve greater glories in the future!

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