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Board Chairman Li Yi Granted with 2020 Special Government Allowance of the State Council

Author:FZB | Chen Yao


Recently, upon approval of the State Council, Liaoning Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security issued the Notice of Announcing the List of Personnel Eligible for Special Government Allowance of 2020 (Liao Ren She Han [2021] No.18), according to which Board Chairman Li Yi was granted with the special government allowance of the State Council and awarded the corresponding certificate. The special government allowance of the State Council is a national incentive system for high-level technical experts and highly skilled personnel. An appraisal is conducted every two years to award professional and technical personnel with outstanding contributions to various scientific researches of the nation and achievements recognized by peer experts of the same region and system. Chairman Li Yi has always been actively responding to the nation’s call for developing new energy vehicles, and devoted to the research on and the industrialization of lightweight and integrated auto parts. He takes the lead in creating a good working environment with respect for labor, knowledge and innovation, strengthens the core position of scientific and technological innovation in enterprise development, and establishes the strategy of talent-led development. During the Company’s business development, Chairman Li Yi upholds the philosophy of respecting talent and stimulating innovation, delves deep into technological innovation, and promotes industrial optimization. The special government allowance granted to him is an affirmation of the Company’s idea of development. It is our hope that “De Er people” will learn from Board Chairman Li Yi, and strive to become pioneers of innovation, contributors to the society, and promotors of future development.

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