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Leica automated microscope
Experimental exhaust gas cabinet
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Laboratory introduction

In line with the quality principle of “justice, preciseness, science and efficiency,” following the requirements of quality management system (GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015)certification, Shanghai FE-MOVAC Precision Machine LTD has established a management system, and continues to perfect its management system, improve personnel quality and standardize and control the entire detecting process, to create a laboratory with advanced technologies to the satisfaction of customers. At present, the laboratory has over 200 approved projects, and its monitoring projects are divided into the cleanliness and noise monitoring.

Cleanliness analysis

For our clients, it is a significant advantage to obtain cleanliness analysis results rapidly in the entire process, as it helps to improve productivity. To carry out this task, specialized instruments are often used for analysis. Thus, we selected the specialized microscope manufactured by Leica for testing, to ensure that our clients can obtain accurate analysis results quickly.

Complete software testing services

By showing minute details, the Leica microscope system helps us to identify, record and make reports. After multi-sample testing, complete analysis reports will be delivered to clients. We aim to greatly enhance work efficiency by helping clients to conduct analysis and make the corresponding product solutions.

Quality guarantee

We make plans based on complete cleanliness software testing, to ensure that the equipment provided meets client requirements and guarantee the quality of our products. Customer satisfaction is our pursuit.

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